THIS IS MORE THAN 10 YEARS OLD. I think I first wrote it in like 2000 or something. I haven't played tabletop miniatures games in many years. If you still do, you might want to look at getting a RepRap, or using ShapeWays, or something.

All right, here's the scoop:

Games Workshop games are excellent. As a friend said, "I've never played a Games Workshop game I didn't like." I personally have no problem shelling out, for example $40+ Canadian for a 40K Codex. Sure, it's expensive, but they're well written and books, in general, are expensive.

They're miniature prices, however, are inexcusable, and they keep going up. It's not like the quality has improved: one of the Eldar Solitaires, for example, is still the old, pre-pewter casting, he's even holding a nuero-disruptor, which there are no rules for in the now WH40K! He comes with one other Harlequin, I have no idea why, and at 15% off MSRP, comes to $12-$14 Canadian! Plus tax!

Games Workshop practices I abhor (eventualy I'd like to put a survey here):

If you agree with me, mail me and maybe I'll put together a pettition. Fat chance of it affecting anything, but oh well. Alternatively, I'm also looking to put together a list of acceptable alternative miniatures.

I know a person who owned more than 10,000 points of WH40K stuff. He's gotten out of the game because of this crap. Can't GW see that they're losing their best customers? Sigh.