Hi, and welcome to the Crinos home page! Crinos is a shadow on AmberMUSH with a very extensive background and a populated RP environment. For details on how to make a character for Crinos, or to get involved with your current character in Crinos, talk to Crinos_Bldr on AmberMUSH, or email me.

Crinos +lhelp

The Crinos local help from AmberMUSH, taken more or less verbatim from the old DB's lhelp. This is a good (and extensive) introduction to Crinos. Note that this is not the lhelp on the new DB, which is much smaller.

Crinos insider info

Formerly available only to Crinos natives, the insider info contains extensive background, cultural, and OOC information about Crinos. (90+k in total, individual pages much smaller)

The Crinos only commands information has been superseded by MUSH online help: do a ~crinos help when within Crinos to see it.

Logs and Such

Flora and Fauna list


Biographies of Crinos characters

Crinos Bulletin Board

Holding Pen, stuff I haven't put somewhere specific yet<.

Who is Crinos_Bldr (Luna)? Well, Darkstalker and Moonclaw originally created the shadow and shared the builder duties; Darkstalker primarily ran things for quite a while, with Moonclaw's support; and then Darkstalker primarily ran things, with Souldancer's support. Now Turgul runs things with, for the most part, Leia's moral/emotional support and a big stick. That's the scoop!

List of Recent Changes

Mail me if there are any problems or inconsitencies here!