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Turgul And Darken. Turgul hangs out with his mammalian niece. BROKEN!

Amonra. Logs starting with Turgul's recruitement to Amonra scene.


At first glance, Turgul does not seem the type to be allowed a leadership role. As a young snake, he was always the most studious at the magical arts, quickly excelling his peers. The reason was quickly obvious to his elders: he wanted power. He wanted to be able to do impressive things.

Despite the arguable failing of wanting to learn magic just because he could, Turgul was none the less the most driven mage that anyone in the tribe can remember. He has mellowed since taking the responsibility of the Sha'Cri (Lemesech tribal leader and head mage), but for a while magic was all he did or though about. He is one of the most accomplished psykers on Crinos, and this is indicated by the following story:

One day, being a mere 712 seasons (356 years) old, Turgul heard from an elder how the Durumgun were chosen. Being rather rash at the time (the subsequent events fixed that problem) he chose to go out and prove himself worthy before he had even gotten his third set of arms! For those of you who don't know Crinos, this is like learning to drive before your legs are long enough to reach the pedals: not advisable. The test is to find a dangerous animal, have it hurt you badly enough to force you to shift to fighting form (Lemesech have a reflex that makes them do this under stress), and then kill the animal in quesiton using only magic. Turgul was badly gored by a Crinosian rhino, and proceeded (once conciousness returned after his shift) to burn the rhino to charcoal using psychic abilities only, no magic at all (this being significantly harder). He lay several days with his guts hanging out before he was found, and is _extremely_ lucky to have lived. Since then, he usually only takes well calculated risks, or risks clearly worth the gain. It was because of this that he learned to fight with his body as well as his mind: he wanted to close the risk of being magically incapacitated, or too drained, in a dangerous situation. He has also, since becoming Sha'Cri, become an excellent tactitian, particularily since the Marswt war.

After berating him for being a fool, and noting that he agreed, the Durumgun admitted him into their circle. When the previous Sha'Cri passed on, the Debates were long and laboured. The story is told that Turgul did not speak once, mentally or vocally, during the entire debate, mearely watching. He was chosen because, basically, none of the other Durumgun at the time _wanted_ it. They were peaceful contemplators, and had no desire for power beyond what they had. Also, Turgul is, and has always been, a very kind man who would fight rabidly in defence of that which he holds dear. Since he holds both life in general and his tribe in particular dear, the Durumgun figured things would be okay.

Time has proven them correct, as Turgul has taken well to his new responsibilites, and has become a capable leader, if somewhat condescending. He's a bit over confident in his abilities and has grown used to deferral from others, and since he has been outside of Crinos a lot this has gotten him into trouble more than once.

One day, an army led by an Amberite named Eldrik came to Crinos and laid waste to the main Venator (were-wolf) village. Turgul was appalled by this, and in response went sojourning out into shadow to find out more about the massacre, since it as obvious that the army was not from Crinos (too much metal). He quickly found his way to the Courts of Chaos, and, after learning something of cosmology in the wider universe, decided that he would do his searching there, as it seemed sufficient for his purposes.

Turgul started with no knowledge of who, how or why with regards to the massacre. He was... rather pushy at first, and quickly was able to make acquaintances, some of whom became friends. One in particular was very well connected. Her name is Amouria, and she was able to supply Turugl with Eldrik's name, although the why of the attack is still not known. Turgul spent this time, and the next several Crinos seasons, dividing his time between Chaos and Crinos.

Shortly after Turgul learned Eldrik's name, he had to return to Crinos because the Marswt (were-bat-thing) tribe started waging war on everybody else. He spent several months not leaving Crinos while being one of (if not _the_) primary general in this war.

Since the end of the war, the Consort of the Goddes Luna has returned to Crinos, and Turgul has learned his magic, making him one of the most powerful Verdimm in millenia. From here, and on the exact reasons for Turugl getting Dea, the DRPG and the MUSH diverge. In particular, in the DRPG Turgul get's Dea as background info, and "just cuz".