CoolMUD is an object oriented MUD server with a lot of nice features, like being able to connect 2 seperate MUDs running on different machines together seamlessly. It was originally written by Stephen F. White, the creator of MOO (from which LambaMOO was made). It is now maintained (somewhat sporadically) by Robin Lee Powell.

If you're going to actually use CoolMUD, please let me know. I'd kind of like to stop maintaining it, as I'm working on a server called MOZ with all of the features of CoolMUD and many more (completely incompatible programming language, though).

To my great surprise, after having maintained it with no outside contact for years, some people actually use CoolMUD, so I've made this page for it so I have something to push to search engines.

The current version of CoolMUD is CoolMUD 2.3. Note that this is rather higher than any version I've been able to find on the web. Regardless, this is the link to the latest version of CoolMUD, and will always be as long as I'm maintaining it.

Unfortunately, my version seems to be broken (i.e. "does not compile"), and I haven't had time to fix it yet. Theoretically, if you pull the version above along with this 2.2.1 tarball someone sent me and merge them together, with code-level preference to the 2.3 version, you should get something that works. If anyone does this, please, for the love of whatever, let me know!

I got these documents on CoolMUD from another site. They are out of date and incomplete, but a good starting point none the less.